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Maletsky Family

Picture taken in 1946: Courtesy of Richard Randy Dart

From left to Right: Fred, Anton Maletsky, Richard Wudell, Pauline Maletsky, Aurelia Wudell, Marilyn Maletsky (little girl), Ethel Maletsky, Norman Maletsky, Allwin Wudell, Evan Maletsky, Victor Wudell, Otto Maletsky

The Maletsky (Malecki) family tree starts with the following:

Pawel Malecki 1st Generation:

  • Pawel (Paul) Malecki was born in 1787 in Miedzna, Poland. Paul married Agnes Rachowski. The name “Rachowski” is very old and can be traced back to the year 1470. The couple had two children; a son named Szymon, born in October 24, 1835 in Miedzno, Poland and a daughter named Marianna, born in January 19, 1839. Bogumil Rachowski (could be Agnes’s brother) was Marianna’s godfather. There are no other records available about Marianna. From the Roman Catholic parish of Rossoszyca (Sieradz county), Miedzno (Village) of 1808 – 1844 it shows that both Agnes & Pawel Malecki were foresters

Szymon Malecki 2nd Generation, born in October 24, 1835 in Miedzno and he married Vincenzia Fogler born who was born in 1831. They married in November 17, 1856 and had 5 children:

  1. Josef Malecki
  2. Anton Malecki
  3. Romuald Malecki
  4. Wladyslaw Malecki
  5. Piotr Malecki

The descendants of the Maletsky family can all be traced back to the children of Szymon Malecki.

House_of_Anton_and_Pauline_MaleckiAnton Malecki and Pauline Conrad lived in this house with their children in Pomton Lakes, PA. They bought this house around 1920 and lived here till their death ( Anton 1940 and Pauline 1970).
Maletsky Coat of Arms
Maletsky Coat of Arms

Created by Paul John Maletsky
✅ The cloak of forgiveness. Forgiven not forgotten.
✅ The shield against evil and those who maliciously deprive.
✅ The lance and sword to vanquish the oppressors and bullies.
✅ The arrows symbolizes the power of life through eternity.
✅ the 3 leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity.
✅ the infinity symbol stands for Universal Stewardship

This site is for the descendants of Pawel Malecki and Agnes Rachowski. We do not have all the data. Family members are still gradually sending in information. This wordpress site points to the Wiki data base where most of the information are stored. Each family member has a wiki page even if it is incomplete. The footer of this site has the list of all the last names in the wiki database.

This wordpress site evolves from the wiki database. The wiki database has categories of last names. In this wordpress site if you feel you want to have your own site for your side of the family, just ask me ( Or if you wish to make an individual webpage for yourself, no problem. You have full control.

There are 3 ways you can help to improve this family site:

  1. Register as a user and make your information contribution.
  2. Email me the information:
  3. This is the easiest: just put the information in the comments section below or in the comments section of the specific page.

This is a multi-site wordpress.

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