Franklin Harry Maletsky - Maletsky Family Genealogy

Franklin Harry Maletsky

Franklin H. Maletsky – 2021
Franklin Harry Maletsky is a 5th Generation Maletsky Family Member

About Franklin H. Maletsky


  1. Sean Franklin Maletsky
  2. Paul Michael Maletsky
  3. Ryan William Maletsky

Siblings including himself:

  1. William Maletsky
  2. Helen Grace Maletsky
  3. Flora Joyce Maletsky
  4. James Benjamin Maletsky
  5. Rosalyn Dawn Maletsky
  6. Felice Bessie Maletsky
  7. Irma Caroline Maletsky
  8. Edwin Sebastian Maletsky
  9. Alvin Norman Maletsky
  10. Franklin Harry Maletsky
  11. Alexander Maletsky
DNA for Fank Maletsky
This DNA test came as a surprise to me. I grew up thinking that I was about 85% European. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Click on the image for a larger view.


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