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Benjamin Otto Maletsky

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Benjamin Otto Maletsky is a 4th Generation Maletsky Family Member

About Benjamin Otto Maletsky

  • Birth Date: 08/14/1895
  • Birth Place: Zdunska Wola, Polland
  • Died: Thursday, 08/28/1958 in the Philippines

The ship's register from the SS Patricia, which sailed from Hamburg, Germany on December 25, 1903 and arrived in New York at Ellis Island on January 11, 1904 shows Benjamin Maletsky to be 8 years, 4 months old.

Our family records are not precise. We have it that at the age of 17 Benjamin joined the Army. So that's 1 year before WW1(World War 1). All we know is that he fought in world war 1 and during the chemical warfare had his lungs injured. We do not know where he fought but he was there for the duration of the war from 1914 to 1918. There is a possibility that he served as an interpreter because he was fluent in Polish, German and Russian. He was then stationed in The Philippines and thereafter retired.

Benjamin met his wife Juliana in Zamboanga City, Philippines in 1930. He was a retired U.S. Army soldier and she was a beautiful Zamboangueña. The Philippines was then a commonwealth of the United States of America. They married in 1931.

Family of Benjamin Otto Maletsky

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