The Pawel Malecki Family
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Pawel Malecki

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This genealogy site starts with this man: Pawel Malecki - the 1st Generation

About Pawel Malecki

  • Birth Date: 1787
  • Birth Place: Miedzno, Poland

Pawel (Paul) Malecki was born in 1787 in Miedzna, Poland. Paul married Agnes Rachowski. The name "Rachowski" is very old and can be traced back to the year 1470. The couple had two children; a son named Szymon, born in October 24, 1835 in Miedzno, Poland and a daughter named Marianna, born in January 19, 1839. Bogumil Rachowski (could be Agnes's brother) was Marianna's godfather. There are no other records available about Marianna.

From the Roman Catholic parish of Rossoszyca (Sieradz county), Miedzno (Village) of 1808 - 1844 it shows that both Agnes & Pawel Malecki were foresters

Family of Pawel Malecki

  • Father: ??
  • Mother: ??
  • Spouse: Agnes Rachowski
    • Date Married:
  • Children:
    1. Szymon Malecki - October 24, 1835
    2. Marianna Malecki - January 19, 1839

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